5-way touch switch Z-wave Plus white Heltun

Beautiful 5-fold touch switch from the brand Heltun, unique in its kind because the product also has a built-in temperature, moisture and lightsensor!

Available in different colors. This concerns the version with white front plate and white frame, but he is also availible in black

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This 5-fold touch switch from Heltun is a true addition to your smart home. The sleek design, combined with tempered glass, ensures a solid product that fits into any interior. Installation requires a little bit of electrical knowledge, but is also very simple.

Use the different switches to control your lights, scenes, shutters or other Z-wave motorized equipment and keep track of what they consume. And do you want this device to work together with, for example, a smart thermostat via your home automation controller, you can do that with the built-in humidity, temperature and light sensor.

The various built-in relays can be loaded up to 5A, but they can also be used without potential if you do not apply voltages or with alternative voltages such as 24V. As can be seen below, there are 2 inputs that are respectively connected to relays 1 and 2 and to 3,4 and 5.


But it does not stop; each relay can also be used in different ways. So they all have the function on / off, of course, but also an invert (inverse status) and hold function. With this last function you can therefore dim your lights with holding / releasing. Another useful function is the timer function, with which the relays can be programmed in such a way that after switching on they are also switched off after a time that has to be set. Handy for garage doors or curtains.

Below some more specifications:

- Front panel dimensions: 89 x 89 x 9 mm
- Dimensions of interior: 53 x 53 x 28 mm
- Material: fire retardant plastic and tempered glass
- Different frame colors: silver, chrome, black, white
- Different glass colors: white, black, yellow, green, red, blue
- 5 touch keys
- Red and blue LEDs per relay for on / off status
- 3 adjustable brightness levels for the backlight
- Operating temperature: -10 ° C - + 60 ° C
- Power supply: 100VAC - 250VAC, 50Hz / 60Hz
- Consumption: 1.5W
- Capacity per relay: 5A
- 2 inputs to supply the relays with voltage (standard they are potential free)
- Lifetime: 100,000 circuits per relay
- Built-in temperature sensor (range -40 ° C to + 125 ° C, accuracy ± 0.5 ° C)
- Built-in light sensor
- Built-in humidity sensor (range 0 - 80% RH, accuracy ± 3.0% RH)
- IP rating: IP21
- Z-wave Plus module: ZM5202





More Information
EAN 90321020
Condition New
Primary Frequency Bedraad
Number of switches 5
Compatible met Homeseer Yes
Compatible met BeNext Unknown
Compatible met Domoticz Unknown
Compatible with Zipatile Yes
Compatible met Zipabox Yes
Compatible met Vera Lite/3/Edge Yes
Compatible with Homey No
Compatible met HC Lite Yes
Compatible met HC2 Yes
Version Build-in
Powermetering Usage
IP klasse IP20
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