Door Window Sensor Rademacher

BeNext z-wave window and door sensor. Expand your home automation system with security.

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Use The Door Sensor for securing and/or enlarging luxury and automation in your home or office. Receive notifications when unwanted activities are being triggered and keep your room temperature on level due to the build-in thermometer. Make up your own rules in the free of charge online manager so that your preferences are automated when simply opening your front door. 


  • Measure the open and/or closed status of doors and windows in your office or home
  • Measure temperature
  • Set up a basic security system by simply adding more sensors
  • Receive notifications on your phone and email when there is registered activity
  • Make up a variety of rules to add functionality to your home
  • Use for security and adding luxury to your office or home
  • Save on your energy bills by reducing unwanted usage of heating


  • Product dimensions: Door Sensor = 58 x 33 x 17 millimeter. Magnet = 58 x 11 x 17 millimeter (L x W x H)
  • Normal operating voltage: 2x AAA 1,5V batteries. From 2,3 to 4,0Vdc. Do not use rechargeable batteries
  • Battery lifetime: approximately 5 years by normal usage. Approximately 3~4 years by
    long networks and heavily usage
  • Absolute maximum temperature: -15°C to +85°C
  • Storage temperature: -5°C to +65°C
  • Storage humidity: 10% to 70%
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • Operating humidity: 10% to 80%
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EAN 632181493663
Berechnungsgrundlage New
Fit in Mailbox Look to weight
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price Keine Angabe
Primary Frequency Z-wave
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Toelichting Keine Angabe
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Compatible met Domoticz Keine Angabe
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Compatible with Tahoma Keine Angabe
Compatible met Vera Lite/3/Edge Keine Angabe
Compatible with Homey Keine Angabe
Compatible met HC Lite Keine Angabe
Compatible met HC2 Keine Angabe
Extra info Keine Angabe
Batterytype AAA battery
IP klasse IP44
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