Button White HomekitFIBARO

FIBARO Button white Homekit. Wireless button for starting 6 different scenes. Available in 8 colors.

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FIBARO Homekit | Button white

The FIBARO button can start up to 6 scenes and is available in 8 colors. It can be placed on the table, or you can stick on to a flat surface.
A single or double push and keeping the button pushed will start a specific scene.
Buttons can be linked together. For example a double push on the red button and a single push on the green button wil start a scene.


Available colors:
- White
- Black
- Red
- Yellow
- Green
- Blue
- Brown
- Orange





More Information
Condition New
EAN 5902701700188
Primary Frequency HomeKit
Number of switches 1
Batterytype LS14250
Compatible met Homeseer No
Compatible met Vera Lite/3/Edge No
Compatible with Tahoma No
Compatible met Domoticz No
Compatible met HC2 No
Compatible with Homey No
Compatible met Zipabox No
Compatible met HC Lite No
Compatible with Zipatile No
Compatible met BeNext No
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