Floodsensor Hank

With this Z-wave plus floodsensor from HANK, it is possible to detect even the smallest drops of water and trigger an action within your own Smart Home installation.

Comes with external sensor so the device does not always have to be placed on the ground to measure anything.

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This sensor has a nice and sleek design which makes it not standing out in a modern household. This is often an objection for placing such products in a kitchen or bathroom. The product is equipped with an ER14250 battery and this will hold up for 1 year, so if you do not want wet feet, check at least once a year ... This is only a small effort, but you can safe a lot of trouble in your house by doing this.


In addition to reports about water, this product also includes a temperature- and a vibration sensor.



With external sensor


Because the sensor is equipped with an external sensor it is also possible to mount the sensor in a higher position than just on the floor, so it is even possible to measure at 2 places at the same time. Useful if you want to receive a notification, for example, when there is very little water, but also when a high level is observed.



More Information
EAN 6925312930026
Condition New
Primary Frequency Z-wave Plus
Capabilities Flood
Compatible with Homey Unknown
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