Water Sensor 6 AEONLABS

Handy water sensor 6 from Aeotec, easy to install in the house and already perceives water from 0.5 mm.

Can also be extended with a special docking station to attach it to. With this the sensor are coming two extra measuring points via wired sensors.

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Nowadays everyone is busy making his home safer with smoke detectors, door locks and alarm systems. But did you know that most of the damage in the house comes from flooding? Aeotec is well aware of this by coming up with the smart water sensor 6 with Z-wave plus.

The sensor can detect very minimal water levels from 0.5 mm. Place it under your sink or in the basement and immediately receive a notification as soon as something is wrong, this can prevent major problems. The sensor has standard 4 measuring points at the bottom and this can be extended with a docking station with 2 external sensors attached to it. In this way everything can be monitored in a radius of 1 meter around the sensor.

The sensor also has tamper protection that reports movement of the module and a temperature sensor that can detect temperatures between -20 and 100 degrees. Useful applications for use can be, for example, linking the module to a scene where you use a Z-wave ball valve to close your water pipe in case of leakage, or to turn on a pump to pump away water. This can be easyly done with a power plug. There is also a built-in siren that goes off at an event

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More Information
EAN 1220000015258
Condition New
Primary Frequency Z-wave Plus
Batterytype CR123A
Capabilities Flood
Compatible met Homeseer Unknown
Compatible met BeNext Unknown
Compatible met Domoticz Yes
Compatible with Zipatile No
Compatible met Zipabox No
Compatible with Tahoma Unknown
Compatible met Vera Lite/3/Edge No
Compatible with Homey Unknown
Compatible met HC Lite Unknown
Compatible met HC2 Unknown
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