LED MR16 COB Spotlight 5W Dimmable

  • MR16 LED spotlight 5W
  • Warm light 2700K
  • Dimmable
  • Wide beam angle 110 °
  • New COB technology
  • 2 years warranty
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The MR16 5W dimmable LED spotlight from the PL line (Pro Line) of X-Tron is equipped with the latest COB (Chip On Board) technology. The COB is the replacement of the SMD (Surface Mount Device) which still can be found on the market. This SMD LED spotlights can be recognized by loosely mounted small LED chips. It looks like you see nanospheres burn.This type is now replaced by the COB which has a much wider beam angle and the light is more evenly distributed. 

This MR16 spot has the dimensions of a traditional halogen spotlight, where most other LED spotlighs measure 5mm higher. That makes it particularly suitable as a replacement for halogen spotlights, because the 5mm longer LED spotlights simply do not fit certain fixtures.
The spotlight is equipped with the latest version of the high quality LED spotlights of Epistar, in which it distinguishes itself immediately with the cheap spotlights with cheap Chinese LED chips.

The dimmable 5W MR16 LED spotlight has a beam angle of 110° also comparable with a halogen spotlight. Most LED spotlights on the market have a beam angle of 45° or up to 60°. The wide beam angle makes this spot therefore unique in the market. The figure below makes this clear.

Due to its unique design this spotlight has an ideal cooling and is made of aluminum and finished in white.

LED lighting also contributes to a cleaner and greener environment.
Highly recommended for the user who chooses qualitypreservation of the light color, a wide beam anlge of 110° and a 2 year warranty. 
Caution! If you make price/quality comparison, please keep an eye on the following points.
  • Many LED spotlights, even from top brands, only have a lifespan of 20000 hours. Which makes them cheaper, but you will have to replace them more frequently.
  • These cheaper spots also have the characteristic that during the first few hundred hours they approximately preserve the color fastness as indicated on the packaging, but then this starts to decrease rapidly. And after a half or a full year, you start noticing that the spot no longer has the same light color.
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1 X LED MR16 COB Spotlight X-TRON PL-XTDSL003-5W-MR16

Specs Icons 110°EN, 12VEN, 2700KEN, 35000EN, 5WEN, dim_yes, epistarEN, LedSpotEN, MR16
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