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Place Philio's Dimmer Socket between a normal light bulb (E14) and your usual lamp socket (E27) to transform any lamp into a smart lamp! This almost invisible add-on to your lamp allows you to dim and turn your lamp on and off, whenever you want, wherever you are.

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The Philio Dimmer Socket transforms any lamp into a smart lamp!

This socket from Philio, equiped with Zwave Plus technology, is a smart adapter between your light bulb (E14) and your usual lamp socket (E27). This makes it possible to treat your regular light bulb as a Zwave lamp, by dimming, switching it on and off, and including it in your Zwave programs, via your Zwave contoller.

Additional information:

EU frequency: 868.42 MHz
Maximum load: 200W (incandescent lamps), 20W (LED)
Power supply: 110-230V AC, 50 Hz
Socket: E27 to E14


More Information
EAN 4713698574406
Condition New
Primary Frequency Z-wave Plus
Compatible met Homeseer Yes
Compatible met BeNext Yes
Compatible met Domoticz Yes
Compatible with Zipatile Yes
Compatible met Zipabox Yes
Compatible with Tahoma Yes
Compatible met Vera Lite/3/Edge Yes
Compatible with Homey Yes
Compatible met HC Lite Yes
Compatible met HC2 Yes


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