ebode IR Link C Coax

ebode IR Link C - Mains Powered IR Remote Control Extender over COAX.

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The ebode IR Link C is a mains powered InfraRed Extender System that allows full remote control operation of audio/video components (such as your Blu-ray Player, A/V Receiver, DVR, Satellite Box, Cable Tuner, etc.) which are located in another room and makes use of existing coax cable (CATV).

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Package contents
  • One InfraRed Receiver, Model IRLP. It is placed at the remote room location to receive IR signals from the handheld remote controller.
  • One INJ Injector. This unit, located in the remote room, injects the remote control signal into the room to- room coaxial cable (along with the TV signal) and passes it to the CPL Coupler in the main room. It also provides quick connection of the IRLP IR Receiver and 12VDC power supply cables.
  • One CPL Coupler. Located in the main room, this Coupler extracts the remote control
  • signal from the coaxial cable and passes it to the emitters that control your source equipment. In addition, the CPL contains a 2-way RF splitter so that the TV signal can be fed to a local TV.
  • One Triple Blinking IR Emitter, model 3IREDB. The Emitters on this device allow control of three InfraRed remote controlled audio/video components. The IR Emitters have a self adhesive film on one surface of each Emitter. This allows them to be “stuck” to the IR sensor “window” on your source equipment. There is a set of replacement adhesive pads included.
  • A 12VDC Power Supply. This plugs into a 230V~50Hz outlet to provide power to the IRLP Receiver.
  • 3 extra replacement adhesives for the IR Emitters
Model ebode IR Link C Coax
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