NodOn® is the brand name of the French company ID-RF that has been established in 2013, specialised in design, development and production of IoT (Internet of Things) plug and play devices for the Smart Home market. NodOn has the ambition to bring all their products to the market at affordable prices. 

In 2014 ID-RF launched the brand name NodOn® and their first smart home products that combine comfort, energy savings and security. NodOn® distributes its products with great succes in Europe Asia and soon in USA. ID-RF was originally set up by the French industrial group Altyor, with production sites in Shanghai, China.

 has 3 product lines at this moment: EnOcean and Z-Wave.

The EnOcean products are marketed unter the green logoThe Z-Wave products can be recognised at the blue logo

Z-Wave (Plus) products are currently becoming THE wireless standard for Smart Home Market and the protocol is supported by numerous manufacturers. At this moment the following Z-Wave Plus (500 chip) products are available:


The NodOn® wall switches are available in 2 different versions (Cozy White and Cozy Gray), which can be controlled with 1 or 2 push buttons to control 1 or 2 groups of appliances. The signle and double push buttons are included in the packaging. 

The NodOn® Octan Remote can control any Z-Wave of Z-Wave Plus compliant device or activate scenes via a Z-Wave (Plus) gateway (controller).

The NodOn® Soft Remote can control any Z-Wave of Z-Wave Plus compliant devices or activate scenes via a Z-Wave (Plus) gateway (controller). The NodOn Soft Remote is available in 6 colors: 

Cosy White, Tech Blue, Cosy Gray, Wasabi, Lagoon and Soft Berry:

Shortly, NodOn® will launch plug in modules 

This Smart Plug will be available in 2 versions. One with energy measurement function and one without. Plug types will be available in Schuko (German/Holland) and French type. These  NodOn plug in modules kan be controlles directly by the wall switches: the Octan Remote and the Soft Remote.