How to order

1. Add products to your shopping cart

Click on   to add the selected product to your basket.

In the pop-up window, the number of products ordered can be customized with  ↑↓.

Click on  to confirm the number of products ordered. 

If you wish to continue shopping, then click "go".

Do you want to go to your cart then click on "shopping cart". 

2. Shopping cart 

You can remove any products in your shopping by clicking “x" 

Then click " Update Shopping Cart " .

Do you have a discount code? Please enter it here. 

You can also calculate the shipping cost (if applicable). 

If you wish to continue shopping, then click "Continue shopping". 

Do you wish to proceed to checkout then click on "Proceed to checkout".

3. Checkout 

If you have an account with Intellihome but you're not yet logged in, you can log in at the top of the page so that your personal data will be loaded. 

If you do not have an account with Intellihome,  you can create one here so that your data will be stored for later use. For all benefits of an account click here. 

For billing you need to fill in your personal details. 

If your order has to be shipped to a different address than the billing address you can fill it out by clicking on "Send to another address". 

Choose the payment method and fill in the requested information. More info or problems with payment? Click here. 

If you have a discount code and did not yet use it in your shopping cart, you can still enter it here . 

You forgot something? Do you want to change the number of units of a product? Then click on "Go to shopping cart". 

Your order is complete? Then click "Place order". 

If not all the necessary data were entered or a mistake was made, a warning will appear so you can make the necessary adjustments. 

After clicking "Place order" an order confirmation will appear on your screen after + / - 30 sec. You can also print out your order here and an email will be sent to you with a copy of your order + confirmation of your payment   

Still have questions? Click here to contact us.