Qubino is a brand name that is owned by the Solvenian company GOAP, a company that has been establisehd in and previously was active in the automation of HVAC systems on cruise ships of shipping companies like Princess, Costa, MSC, Holland America, P&O,…

Subsequently GOAP focused on the integration of different technologies that are used in buildings: automatisation, networks, video intercom, video surveillance and interactive IP TV.

At present, these products are installed in hotels, office buildings, cruise ships and in the residential market. 

In 2014 GOAP launched its products for the residiential market under the brand name QUBINO. These products work with the Z-Wave protocol.

The first QUBINO products - 4 micro modules - were an instant hit: thanks to their compact size, unique extra features and high quality they immediately seized an import place in the  Z-Wave market. Also from our own clients we received numerous positive reactions that convinced us to strongly promote these products.

QUBINO constantly adds new features to their micro modules such as the possibility to control other modules (via an additional input) or trigger scenes. Also the (optional) connection such as a temperature sensor and energy measurement are features you will not easily find at other manufacturers. 

The finishing of the QUBINO micro modules that are manufactured in Italy is exceptionally high and return of defunct modules is very exceptional which shows the use of parts that are of high quality and the implementation of a serious quality control. 

Qubino als sets out trends, they were the first to launch a Flush Dimmer Module with MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) circuit, which makes it possible to dim low voltage LED bulbs. You will need a dimmer bypass when using competitive products. Moreover, the Flush dimmer module is a “trailing edge” dimmer which makes it even more suitable for use with LED bulbs or spotlights, contrary to other dimmers that often are “leading edge” type.

Another novelty is the launch of the Flush 1D Relay Module, through which loads with different voltages can be controlled through the tension-free (dry contact) relay output. This module also uses Z-Wave Plus, which enhances its range and makes OTA (Over The Air) firmware upgrades possible. The other relay modules, the Flush 1 Relay and the Flush 2 Relay micro modules already exists since the beginning of the launch of the QUBINO productline. Both modules have standard energy measurement which makes it possible to trigger scenes to control other modules or devices. These micro modules are highly suitable to control all your domestic appliances. 

QUBINO is also the only manufacturer that offers shutter modules for 230V and 24V. Until now, only 230V shutter modules were available on the market and this void has now also been filled, so that shutters and curtains can be controlled through low voltage motors (DC). The original version of the shutter switch already got an upgrade which makes it possible to roll the lamella of the shutters. Also the DC version has this functionality. Again a unique QUBINO feature. Both modules will become available in Z-Wave Plus version in the near future.

QUBINO has 3 thermostat micro modules :

QUBINO also offers a number of accessories, such as a wall box in which you can install the temperature sensor, a recessed box with cover, a temperature sensor, a surface-mounted door sensor, a recessed door sensor,...

Maybe the most important novelty is that QUBINO will launch a DIN RAIL dimmer and a DIN energy meter module in 2015. Once again, they will be the first to bring these products to the market and we can be sure that these will be very popular products. 

The QUBINO modules work with common controllers of FIBARO, Zipato, VeraEdge, Eedomus, BeNext, so that users do not have to worry about compatibility.

QUBINO products are a major gain for the Z-Wave market and we are convinced that this manufacturer will bring us even more new innovative products in the future and that the popularity of these products will increase rapidly.  The European manufacturing quality, extra features, innovative solutions and minimalist construction makes these products highly recommended.The products are tested by independent organisations, only confirming its quality and conformity to the European regulations. QUBINO is a stayer on the Z-Wave market and not just another provider of Z-Wave products like there have been many in recent years. 

QUBINO's support sevice is of a very high quality, which is something that is not obvious at other Z-Wave providers.  

Click here for an overview of the complete Qubino product range.


Qubino Flush Dimmer Installation


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