Secure Payment offers you in collaboration with Ogone Payment Services different payment methods to pay on the internet in an easily, fast, simple and secure way. We use a SSL certificate that encrypts your data for transportation over the Internet to the servers of Ogone Payment Services. Thus we make it possible for you to make Secure payments for your online purchases. Obviously, we treat your personal information and we will never share this with third parties! Below is a list of the payment methods and details for each of them.







Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express)

By using your credit card you can pay instantly and securely. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are the most widely used credit cards for online payments. On the Internet you pay securely with the associated Internet and delivery guarantee. The amount is registered on your next billing statement. With this guarantee you are protected from fraud and abuse on the Internet.

How do you pay with your credit card? 

  • Choose Visa, Mastercard or American Express as payment method.
  • Type in your name, credit card number, expiration date and verification number.
  • Check the data and make the payment.

You pay with the information that can be found on your credit card :

  • The credit card number is situated in the middle of the front of your credit card.
  • The expiry date (month and year of expiration are on the front) and
  • Verification number ( also called CVV , CVV2 , CardID , etc. ). The verification code on VISA or MasterCard are the last 3 digits of the series situated on the strip at the back of your card. On an American Express card you will find this 4-digit number on top of the front of the card .
  • Increasingly one requires an additional PIN Code (MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa). You have defined this yourself and you are notified of this by your credit card provider. This way, payments on the Internet are more secure because this code is strictly personal and is similar to the PIN of your bank card.


Mister Cash/Bancontact

Mister Cash / Bancontact is the online payment system developed by the joint banks in Belgium and is similar to the iDEAL payment system in the Netherlands. The member banks are Dexia  BNP Paribas, ING, Fortis, KBC, CBC, AXA Bank, VDK and Record Bank. The use of Mister Cash /Bancontact is simple, fast, reliable and safe.

All Belgian customers of the participating banks who use internet banking, can make use of Mister Cash / Bancontact. You can pay for your purchases instantly with Mister / Bancontact in a trusted banking environment. It is not necessary to conclude a special subscription and there are no extra charges. The payments that you do are processed within seconds and you can immediately see them on your online bank statement.

How do you pay with Mister / Bancontact?

  • Choose Mister Cash / Bancontact as payment method
  • Type in your account number and expiration date
  • You will be directed to a secure page of your bank; use your card reader or Digipass to accept payment
  • Check the data and confirm the payment.



IDEAL allows you trusted, secure and easy payment for all your online purchases. iDEAL is the system that connects directly to your online banking screen when you purchase online. Quick and easy checkout in your familiar online banking environment of your own bank. Pay in the way you are used to and there is no need to register, download any files or open an account. The payments are immediately visible in the electronic account statement from your bank .

In addition, your name and account number are known to the online shop only after you have approved the payment.

How do you pay with iDEAL?

  • Choose iDEAL as payment method
  • Select your bank and you are directed to the homepage of your bank
  • Login with your account number and PIN on the login page of your bank
  • Check the details of your payment and confirm the payment.



Maestro is a secure online payment for Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, UK, .... This payment method is similar to Bancontact / Mister Cash and iDEAL. When you purchase on the internet you will be taken to a secure page of your bank when using Maestro. The Maestro acceptance is only possible in relation to the the authentication process of the MasterCard SecureCode. Here, you are identified with the help of your password or PIN so that the payment can take place. Fraud is hereby excluded and you are sure of a secure payment .

How do you pay with Maestro?

  • Choose Maestro as payment method
  • Type in your 17-digit card number, expiration date and verification code
  • You will be directed to a secure page of your bank, use your card reader or Digipass to accept payment
  • Check the data and confirm the payment.


KBC and CBC Online

KBC and CBC Online can only be used by Belgian customers who have access to it. With KBC or CBC Online you can pay for your order in a fast, simple and secure way.

How do you pay with KBC or CBC Online?

  • Choose KBC or CBC Online as payment method, you arrive at the home page of your bank
  • Log in with your bank card
  • Choose the account that you want to use to pay for your purchase
  • Check the details of your payment and confirm the payment.



PayPal is a simple and fast way to pay online anywhere in the world. With PayPal you shop online with a good feeling. The payments arrive quickly and you are informed of each payment by email. Paying online with PayPal is safe and securd. The only thing you need is your email address and a bank account and / or credit card. If you have a PayPal account it is easy to pay for your order with PayPal.

With over 45 million users worldwide, PayPal is a world leader in the market of online payments. PayPal is specifically designed as one of the safest methods for online payments. Payments are sent via PayPal without sharing financial information. Furthermore, PayPal will never provide financial information to third parties or resell them.

How do you pay with PayPal?

  • Choose PayPal as payment
  • Login to PayPal with your email address and password
  • Check the data and confirm the payment


What about VAT when you live outside Beldium?

VAT has to be paid on every sales transaction to customers living within the European Union in accordance with the European regulations.

Below is an overview of how VAT is charged to customers who live within the European Union and how it is NOT charged to customers who live outside the European Union. 


I am a

I live in

Do I pay VAT?

Private Person

European Union


Private Person

Not in European Union


Company or person with VAT number, except Belgium

European Union


Company or person with VAT number, incl. Belgium

Not in European Union



Countries that are part of the European Union, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia , Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Rep., United Kingdom, Sweden.