The online store Intellihome B.V. (hereinafter referred to as Intellihome or the company), having its registered office located at Empel (the Netherlands) and VAT registered under number NL857826827B01, offers its clients the possibility of purchasing various articles online. The present General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all articles in the Intellihome range and to any order placed by clients. Clients hereby accept that the present terms and conditions shall be solely and exclusively applicable, with the exclusion of its own general or special terms and conditions (of purchase), even if these stipulate that they shall be solely and exclusively applicable.

Clients are given the option between four languages (Dutch, French, German and English) for processing the order. The transaction shall be performed in the language chosen by the client.

In order to place an order on this website, you must be aged at least 18 years old.


Products are delivered both within and outside of the EU. The delivery deadlines indicated on our website are respected insofar as practically possible. Products are delivered to the address issued to the company by the client. In such instance as this address is incorrect, the purchaser shall accept all liability. Additional costs may then be incurred. Aside for any clause to the contrary, our prices shall not take due account of shipping and delivery to the purchaser of products ordered. These costs shall be indicated separately.
The delivery deadlines indicated are not compulsory but are given solely by way of information. Any delay to delivery may under no circumstances whatsoever lead to cancellation of the order or to the entitlement to any compensation for the purchaser, unless said delay is intentional.

We are entitled to make partial deliveries. In case the purchaser does not receive the articles ordered, all amounts paid shall be reimbursed within a maximum period of 30 days, without any interest or other compensation.
Aside for any express agreement to the contrary, the risk of damage and/or loss of products shall be under the liability of the company until delivery to the purchaser.


Any visible damage and/or shortcoming in the quality of an article or any other defect observed at the time of delivery should be immediately informed to the company, failing which all rights and entitlements in this regard shall be relinquished. For this purpose, please notify per email:


  1. Consumers have a period of 14 days during which they may terminate the sales contract without any justification. This period shall become effective as at the day following receipt of the product by or on behalf of the consumer.
  2. During this period, consumers shall take due and proper care of the product and the packaging thereof. Consumers should not unpack or use the product for any other purposes than those necessary to be able to judge whether or not they wish to retain the product. If a client wishes to enforce the right of retraction, it should return the product to the company in its original condition, including the packaging and all accessories delivered, pursuant to the clear and reasonable instructions issued by the company.
  3. You can click here to download our product return form and you should follow all instructions outlined therein so as your request is processed as quickly as possible. In order to be eligible for reimbursement, please additionally indicate your account number. Upon receipt of your returned product, we shall issue an internal credit note and will issue reimbursement within a maximum term of 14 days.  Failure to follow the return procedure reserves us the right to postpone follow up of your return until receipt of the required information.
  4. If your order was subject to free shipping, the shipping fees will then be billed to you. Return shipping fees shall additionally be incumbent upon you.
  5. In such instance as a FREE article was included with the order received, you should additionally return this. If you fail to do so, the product which was issued free of cost will be billed to you at its current price.
  6. In such instance as the article returned to us appears to have been used or suffered damage, we hereby reserve the right to solely reimburse you for a portion of the total purchase price. This shall additionally be applicable in such instance as any parts of the article are missing or if your article was shipped without sufficient payment of the shipping fees.
  7. Are excluded for return: opened or severely damaged products, products custom made at the request of the buyer (eg a custom made curtain rail) or products that were not purchased from IntelliHome.
  8. If you wish, you can order other articles to replace those delivered. Please indicate this on the product return form.

Return address :

Intellihome B.V.

Service & retour:
Ganzenkoor 33
2570 Duffel
+32 2669 1069


The liability of Intellihome shall not be incurred if the company is unable to perform its obligations (within the deadlines) due to any instance of force majeure or for any other reason outside of its control (act of war, strike action, closure of business, shortage of stock, theft, fire, logistical problems met by transportation and third party contractors, etc.). It nevertheless remains that Intellihome shall take all necessary measures to perform the contract, even if delayed, without being bound to pay any compensation whatsoever.


By placing an order on the Intellihome website, the purchaser expressly authorises the company to process and use personal data for administrative purposes concerning its client information, for handling orders, deliveries and issuing invoices, for monitoring solvency, and for marketing and publicity purposes. If you no longer appreciate the processing of your data for marketing and personalized advertising, you can easily unsubscribe by clicking the hyperlink in the email so that Intellihome will stop transferring  your data to third parties.

Purchasers shall be entitled to consult and amend any personal data and, at any time, may object to their personal data being used for direct marketing operations at no cost. Click here for all info on our Privay Notice.


All Parties accept electronic proof (emails, back-ups, etc.) in the framework of their commercial relations.


Products offered are shown and/or described in a clear manner, as they are in reality, and as completely as possible. In such instance as an offer has a limited period of validity, this should be clearly indicated.

Although information published on our website is always written with due care and attention, we cannot exclude the possibility that this may not be complete or up to date or entirely error free. If you should have any specific requests concerning size, colour, availability, deadlines or delivery methods, for instance, please contact our customer service team in advance by writing to Intellihome solely has an obligation of means concerning the guarantee of information communicated on its website in terms of the accuracy and completeness thereof. Its liability may under no circumstances whatsoever be incurred in the event of any material error, typo or printing error. Intellihome offers are always valid until stocks no longer exist. These offers may be adapted or withdrawn at any time by the company. 

Purchase prices indicated in offers made to consumers always include VAT, aside for any express indication to the contrary. However, prices indicated in offers for professional consumers always exclude VAT, aside for any express indication to the contrary.


Professional clients can never claim the liability of the company for any direct or indirect damage whatsoever, including damage caused to third parties, loss of income, loss of turnover, damage to employees of professional clients and/or immaterial damage.


  1. Clients may only exchange an article purchased with the consent of the company. 
  2. The company may determine, following the delivery date, an ultimate deadline before which a client may exchange an article purchased.
  3. Redemption vouchers or gift vouchers issued by the company shall cease to be valid following expiry of a one year period following their date of issue, insofar as this is indicated on the voucher.


1. All of the articles which we deliver come with a standard 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, aside for any other provision in this regard.

2. In such instance as any defect is observed during the first week following purchase of an article, this shall be replaced immediately and at no cost, provided this is available in stock/for delivery and the defect does not result from improper use by the customer such as a faulty connection of the article or when the article has been used for purposes for which it is not intended (tip : please be sure to inspect/test your purchase thoroughly during the first week following purchase).

3. In such instance as any defect is observed during the warranty period following any material error and/or manufacturing problem, please return the article concerned and we shall exchange this.

4. Falsely claiming warranty. If it appears, following inspection, that the product for which you trigger the warranty does not show any shortcoming or shows a defect which is your own fault, due to

  • misuse
  • intent or negligence
  • incorrect operation such as incorrect compliance with the supplied instructions
  • Damage resulting from fall, shock or water damage
  • an abnormal expectation pattern under normal use, for example: wear
  • damage caused by the client attempted to repair the product

in these cases, the product concerned shall not be replaced but will be returned in the same condition and the costs which we incurred in the framework of the inspection process will be billed to you. 

5. If you have an article under guarantee to be returned to us, please apply our article return procedure by clicking here.

6. In the event of any defect, the article concerned should be returned with (a copy of) the purchase invoice and reference of the article return procedure, to :

Intellihome B.V.

Service & retour:
Ganzenkoor 33
2570 Duffel
+32 2669 1069

7. All corresponding shipping costs and all risks pertaining to shipping shall fall under the liability of the client. All returns sent to the client shall be paid for by Intellihome.

8. If the damaged articles can no longer be repaired or replaced with identical products, we hereby reserve the right, following negotiation with the client, to replace these with products presenting similar characteristics and of similar value, or to send a credit note to the client for an equal value to that of articles returned.

Wederiklaan 3
7534KN Enschede
The Netherlands
+32 2669 1069