Trust Smart Home TPC-300 - Home Control Station

Trust Smart Home TPC-300 - With the Home Control Station (TPC-300) you can automate your Trust Smart Home system. Program up to 300 unique timer programs for a maximum of 256 Trust Smart Home receivers in 16 different rooms.

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The Home Control Station Trust Smart Home TPC-300 has a USB-connection, so you can use a PC to configure different rooms, devices and commands. The Home Control Station has an internal memory to store up to 300 different timer programs and 256 Trust Smart Home receivers for 16 different rooms. To keep it simple, you can use your own pictures of rooms, lights and devices.

The software allows you to program different commands for different applications in one scene. For example, you can define the scene “Watch TV” which, when activated, will automatically dim the lights to 50%, turns off other lights and closes the electric sun blinds for the right mood.

The Trust Smart Home TPC-300 Home Control Station is highly suited for defining timer programs that you can assign to single devices or complete light scenes. These timer programs can be repeated daily/monthly and at a time of your choice. You can also program the options random or sunrise/sunset for activating a command/scene at random times or during sunrise/sunset. The latter can be programmed for each location in the Netherlands. Every series of timer programs can be saved in a separate file. This allows you to use different timer programs for special occasions, for example a program that simulates presence in your house even though you are away on vacation.

After you have programmed the Home Control Station, you can disconnect the USB-cable. The Trust Smart Home TPC-300 will now act as a stand-alone device, carrying out all timer programs by itself. The two AA batteries will last two years on average. The Home Control Station is compatible with all COCO receivers, both automatic as well as receivers with code switches. This transmitter sends radio signals at 433,92 Mhz. The signal passes through walls, windows and doors, with an indoor range up to 30 meters.

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Package contents
  • TPC-300 Home Control Station
  • USB flashdrive with TPC-300 software
  • USB-cable
  • 2x 1,5V AA battery
  • Multilanguage user manual (EN, DE, ES, PT, FR, GR, FI, HU, RU, AR)
Model TPC-300
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