X10 AM12W Appliance Module wired

Appliance Module wired - Ideal for use in small spaces.

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  • Switch module without plug
  • With the X10 AM12W module you can control appliances and lights using the X10 system. Ideal for use with garden ponds, light groups, other appliances and in the office for ‘All Appliances Off’ or ‘All Lights Off’, etc.
  • Switches loads up to 3600W
  • Switch module to turn 230V appliances, halogen and tube lights, etc. on or off.
  • Controllable from a distance with the X10 commands On/Off.
  • With the module you can control and dim lights using the X10 system.
  • The module responds to the  X10 Commands ‘On’, ‘Off’ and ‘All off’.
  • Flying lead connection block with switch function.
  • This module can be built-in/wired to the lamp or appliance it has to control
  • Its small size allows you to fit this module almost anywhere, e.g. in false ceilings, furnitures, lighting fixtures, ...
  • This module has the same technical specifications as the AM12 plug-in module, but the AM12W is equipped with flying leads.
  • The module can be installed directly into lighting fixtures.
  • Only for professional use!
More Information
Technische Info (nieuw)
  • Supply voltage: 230V / 50 Hz
  • Supply current: <20mA capacitive
  • Making capacity:
    • 3600W ohm load / resistive loads
    • 500W incandescent lamps and halogen light
    • 230W inductive/capacitive (motors)
  • Responds to X10 Key codes: All Units Off, On, Off.
  • Signal sensitivity: 15 mVpp min 50 mVpp max at 120 kHz
  • Input impedance: >180 ohm (L-N) at 120 kHz
  • Operating temperature: - 10° C to + 50° C
  • Storage temperature: -20° C to + 70° C
  • Dimensions: 52 x 75 x x 33 mm (without mounting plate)
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