X10 AWM2P/SAIX12 Micromodule

X10 transmitter with built-in appliance module for installation behind existing switches.

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  • Extreme small size (46x46mm and only 16 mm thick)
  • Built-in appliance module with 16A rating
  • Relay holds last state on power loss
  • Low noise relay
  • Two-way X10 communication
  • Able to change internal ON/OFF state by global commands
    like "ALL LIGHTS ON" and "ALL UNITS OFF" to stay in "sync" with modules to which it is configured
  • HouseCode, UnitCode and settings can be simply programmed with every X10 compatible controller (e.g. Marmitek 8in1 in combination with TM13 transceiver), except for the CM11 computer interface
  • Improved S/N ratio for reliable X10 communication
  • Power/Status/Configuration LED
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Technische Info (nieuw)
  • Power : 230VAC, +10%/-15% , Frequency 50Hz
  • Electricity consumption Less than 30 mA capacitive
  • Switching power : 3600W 230V with temperature and mounting restrictions.
    2300W/230V 500W ind cap
  • Signal transmission: > 5Vpp in 5 Ohm at 120 kHz +/- 1kHz
  • X10 transmission : 1 pulse burst on 0¢ª and 180¢ª
  • Signal sensitivity : 25mVpp ... 6Vpp at 120 kHz +/- 4 kHz
  • Signal / interference proportion : 1,35 : 1
  • X10 Key codes: All units Off, All Lights On, On, Off, Status Request
  • Switch use: normal switches (make/break) or Momentary switches
  • Connection range : Up to 2,5 mm²
  • 3 phase use : The AWM2P transmits signals for use on 1 phase only. You should use the FKX40 to be able to receive the commands of the AWM2P/SAIX12 on other phases. The AWM2P/SAIX12 does receive commands from standard Marmitek X10 transmitters on different phases.
  • Dimensions : 46 x 46 x 16 mm
  • Mounting : Sized for mounting of 75mm dia x 50mm deep European round electrical junction box, or other limited areas
  • Operating Temperature Range : -10 to +35 degrees C
  • Storage Temperature Range : -20 to +70 degrees C
  • Specifications may change without notice to improve product performance
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