X10 ebode RMV - Shutter Switch

ebode RMV

The Shutter Switch provides automated control for all your blinds, curtains, sunscreens,..


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  • Wall mounted X10 switch
  • Controlls motorised (230V) blinds and shutters
  • ON, OFF, DIM, BRIGHT, Extended code
  • Memory for window size and current position.
  • Replaces the existing switch
  • Can be controlled by hand
  • Works with X10 controllers
  • Remote and local control Up, Down and settings in between
More Information
Technische Info (nieuw)
  • Supply voltage: 230 V +10% -15% 50Hz
  • Supply current : < 5.5 mA capacitive
  • Power Consumption: <1W.
  • Switching power: 6A/1400W - 230V (motors)
  • Signal Sensitivity: 15 mVpp 50 m Vpp max. at 120 kHz
  • Connections: phase, neutral, motor UP and motor DOWN
  • Wiring required: Phase and Neutral
  • Responds to X10 commands : On, Off, Dim, Bright, Extended code
  • Operating temperature: -10 to +50°C
  • Storage temperature : -20 to +70°C

How to calibrate the shutter switch?

The Shutter Switch needs to be taught when the blinds are ‘fully open/up’:

  • Turn the power on.
  • Use the keys to open the blinds all the way (‘fully open/up’).
  • Use a screwdriver of coin to set the HouseCode in programming mode (•).
  • Use the keys to close the blinds all the way (‘fully closed/down’). Keep the button pressed when the blinds are down, to program an extra closing margin.
  • Now set the HouseCode and UnitCode switches to the desired address. You can now test the switch manually and with the X10 controller (the controller will not work when you have not yet programmed the switch!). The settings are saved in the device, even when there is no power.
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