X10 XM10 Two-way PLC Interface

The Two-Way Powerline Interface is a universal interface which allows any OEM product to transmit and receive data compatible with the X10 system.

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  • Designed to connect third–party hardware such as alarm controllers
    and home automation systems to X10
  • Compatible with eg. GE Interlogix, Aritech, Visonic, Caddx, Honeywell, ...
  • Develop your own X10 Compatible products or X10 Home Automation System
  • It plugs into an AC outlet and connects to the OEM product via a telephone jack (not included).
  • The Two-Way Interface can also read it's own incorporate error detection and contention resolution into his software or firmware.
  • Metal Mounting bracket included
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Technische Info (nieuw)
  • Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Operating Temperature Range: - 10° C to + 40°C
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20° C to + 70° C
  • CE mark

DC Characteristics:

  • Serial data input:
    • Min. logic "1": 4 V input will sink approx. 2,5 mA
    • Max logic "1": 20 V input sink approx. 18 mA
    • Max. logic "0": 0.8 V will sink approx. 0,1 mA
      (voltages and currents wit repect to terminal 2)
      Note: This ouput is an open collector transistor. Therefore, the logic "1" voltage is quoted as a reference for defining the output leackage current. An output pull-up resistor is required to generate a logic level. The pull-up can be returned to any voltage up to 20 V with respect to terminal 2.

AC characteristics:

  • HF output to AC powerline: 60 mW average into 5 ohm
  • Conforms to Class 116 of EN50065-1: load (5 V pk-pk instant)
  • Carrier frequency: 120 kHz
  • Max. phase delay between 0 crossing point of AC power line and 0 crossing detect output (either trnasition): 100 µsec
  • Max. allowable delay between transitions on 0 crossing detect output and serial data input "0" - "1" transition: 50 µsec 
  • Max. delay between serial input enveloppe "0" - "1" transition and carrier burst reaching 90%: 50 µsec
  • Width of enveloppe: 1 ms +100 µsec -50 µsec
  • Isolation voltage: 4 kV ms 50 Hz for 1 min
  • This module replaces the old TW7223 two-way interface. 

Same functionality, but different outside housing.

The XM10 Two-way Interface is available with EURO plug and UK plug.

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