Z-Wave Plus NodOn Smart Plug & Power Metering

Intelligent Z-Wave Plus NodOn Smart Plug for smart control of lights and appliances with power metering.

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The Z-Wave Plus ® Nodon Smart Plug with power metering offers a simple and intelligent solution for controlling any electronic device in your home. This plug-and-play device can be inserted into any wall power outlet of your home to make it instantly smart. Appliances connected to the smart plug can then be controlled via your Z-Wave home automation gateway or through other controllers, such as the NodOn Soft Remote or Nodon Wall Switch. 

The Z-Wave Plus NodOn® Smart Plug can be controlled by a Z-Wave® or Z-Wave Plus® home automation gateway or directly through others Z-Wave® or Z-Wave Plus® devices such as The Soft Remote, The NodOn® Wall Switch or the NodOn® Octan Remote. It is available in German (Schuko) or French Standard (Type E).

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Technische Info (nieuw)
  • Power supply: 230V AC +/-10% - 50Hz
  • Maximum output power: 3000W continuous / 3500W temporary (Resistive load) Self-consumption: <1W
  • Operational temperature: 0°C to 40°C - Altitude : 2000m
  • Radio protocol Z-Wave®: 868.4MHz – 500 Series – Compliant Z-Wave Plus® SDK 06.51.01 Range: 40m indoor / 80m outdoor
  • Main power outage detection and notification
  • Dimensions: 104*51*36mm
  • Warranty 2 years 
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