Rainmeter Z-Rain Z-Wave Plus Popp

Z Rain Rain gauge for your garden and your smart home smart! Lower the blinds or shutters and so close when it rains. In addition, the precipitation measurement for your plants and knows this way if your plants need extra water. Indispensable!



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Z-Rain Rainmeter Z-wave Plus POPP

Z-Wave europe announced at IFA in Berlin which POPP brings the first rain gauge on the market. The POPP rain gauge is the first of its kind. The "Z-Rain" is not just a rain sensor that provides information as to whether or not rain, but this fine device also provides information about the current and total precipitation in the period. The internal counter measures the amount of rainfall in mm / h, and also indicates the amount in m³ / m².

Through this information can be activated specific action programs (scenes). Closing your windows, awning, shutters half closed so befor.

It is also possible to set various thresholds such as storms or heavy rainfall. This threshold is for example very useful if you do this will receive a push notification. This way, you can manually execute some action by e.g. checking your home.

The Z-rain can also be included in the smart garden. We give an example. Suppose you took your sprinkler system in your Z-Wave network. Then it is possible to use the measured rainfall to measure whether your plants need extra water. Overall, very nice device!

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EAN 4251295700168
Condition New
Frequency Z-wave Plus
Detectie Regenmeter
Toelichting Vera+ met UI7 compatible
Compatible met Vera Lite/3/Edge Ja
Compatible met Homey Onbekend
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